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Your new go-to insurance guru! I am a wife, mother, and grandmother, and a previous business owner so I understand the importance of financial protection. I have been successfully assisting business owners with their benefits, saving them money, and increasing their employees’ satisfaction since 2019. I can assist you with Health, Life, and Supplemental Insurance. No matter the type or size of your business, I can customize plans to suit your insurance needs. There are several insurance options available that you may be unaware of, and some are even at no cost to your business. I look forward to speaking with you!

Why American Trustee

Great benefits are available to everyone that includes you!  This includes: Health, Dental, Vision, Supplemental, life, 401K, short and long term disability. We specialize in Unions, Associations, Group and Individual. 

Why spend more money only to lose your top talent to a competitor with better employee health insurance? American Trustee, Inc. provides a higher quality health plan at lower price. American Trustee, Inc. is a health care platform that empowers small business owners to control and predict costs, save money and attract and retain the top talent. Let American Trustee, Inc. give you the edge you need to win the talent arms race. 

A Modern Health Benefits Platform

Whether you are currently providing benefits to your employees, need a better way of managing costs, OR are looking to provide benefits to your employees as a new offering, we’ve got you covered. is a next-gen health care platform that empowers small business owners to control and predict costs, save money and attract and retain the top talent.

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Simplified Employee Health Insurance

We simplify navigating employee health insurance, ensuring you and your employees get the right services from the right partners at the best possible price. In doing so, we offer our clients the ability to do three things:

Control & Predict Cost

Discover tools and systems that control costs and keep premiums in check all while guiding members to great care.

Save Money

ur high-touch, cost-efficient platform offers employee health insurance plans that save members on deductibles and drug costs.

Acquire & Retain Talent

Attract and retain top talent with our wide range of affordable white-glove health benefits solutions.

Were you in business in 2020/2021?

Employee Retention Tax Credit

COVID-19 has been a challenge for all of us. As the world shut down the economy came to a halt, leaving the future of many businesses in a precarious position. As we begin to find normalcy again, businesses now have to focus on recovering and fortunately, several government programs are easing this process.

One such program is the Employee Retention Credit or ERC,which is a generous stimulus program designed to bolster those businesses that were able to retain their employees during this challenging time. Due to the extremely complex tax code and qualifications, it is severely underutilized. Details of the program include:


UP TO $26,000

Q1 - Q3 2021





Aflac is very affordable. Aflac can be added to your benefit package as a voluntary benefit, it is also available for individuals, as well.

our Plans

Our core plans are specifically designed for the unique needs of small businesses. We offer the following level-funded plan types.



Major Medical- Unlimited Annual Benefits



Major Medical- Unlimited Annual Benefits



Major Medical- Unlimited Annual Benefits



Major Medical- Unlimited Annual Benefits



Major Medical- Unlimited Annual Benefits



Major Medical- Unlimited Annual Benefits

An Employer & Employee Friendly Platform

Our experience in all aspects of healthcare provider-based services allows us to design and develop a platform that is both employer and employee-friendly while allowing us to continuously provide you with the analytics necessary to help you make smarter decisions about your business and how to operate it most cost-effectively.

First, it’s important to understand the competitive landscape of health benefits.

At its most basic, the marketplace for health benefits consists of three offerings: But what’s really the difference?

Fully Insured Health Plans

Traditionally, when people talked about insurance, it was “Fully Insured”. The employer or its employee pays a premium to the insurance company in return for paying future “covered” medical claims that are beyond the “out of pocket” maximum (the amount that employees and their families will pay for that service). The totality of risk for the medical claims is borne by the insurance company. As insurance is a for-profit industry, the insurance company must cover its risk and make money. As the cost of medical care increases, so too do the premiums. In fact, according to the latest Kaiser Family Foundation Report, average annual employee contributions to premiums and total premiums for single coverage have risen nearly 22% over the past 5 years.

Self-Funded Health Plans

On the other end of the offering spectrum from traditional insurance are self-insured plans. These health benefits plans are created by and for the employers that fund them. In most instances, an employer will then hire professional actuaries, a plan administrator (a third party administrator) to manage the plan and contract with a reinsurance (or Stop-Loss) carrier to cover claims above a certain cost. This Stop-Loss insurance comes at a premium for the employer. In almost all instances, small businesses (those with less than 499 employees) find it difficult to predict with any accuracy.

Level-Funded Health Plans

Over the past 15 years, a middle ground between “self-funded” plans and “traditional” insurance has emerged. These “level-funded” health plans are a fairly simple type of self-funding that are designed for small businesses. Plan providers (such as American Trustee, Inc.) establish a Third Party Administrator and get approved by a stop-loss carrier who agrees to cover claims above a certain amount. As these plans don’t need to be rated at a community level (as is the case with traditional insurance), level-funded health plans generally cost less and minimize the risk to employers, but only if the TPA knows how to balance cost-control with excellent healthcare and customer service.
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